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Galvanized Pipes, they need to go!

If you have an older home there is a very good chance you could have galvanized water and sanitary pipes in your plumbing system. These pipes are typically found in homes built before the 1960's and were supposed to be the alternative to lead. The issue is they rust from the inside after decades of exposure to water. This leads to a multitude of problems, such as low water pressure in water lines and drain clogging issues in sanitary lines. Over time these pipes essentially seal themselves closed. With the sanitary lines a good drain cleaner (Such as Drain-O-Matic Plumbing and Drain Cleaning in Albany NY) can prolong the inevitable and keep those drains open for a longer period of time, but eventually your plumber wont be able to get his snake through the clog and you will be forced into replacing those pipes.

Your water lines on the other hand are a different story. Not only are you drinking that rust and corrosion but your water pressure is effected by this also. Have you ever turned on the shower only to find that there is barely a trickle? Perhaps you saw orange water the first few seconds running the sink? These are symptoms of galvanized water lines reaching the end of their life expectancy. The easiest solution to this problem if you do find you have galvanized pipes is to just replace them before they become a major issue. It may sound expensive but it will be a lot more expensive if you don't I can assure you. Just so happens I know of this great company called Drain-O-Matic Plumbing and Drain Cleaning in Albany NY that can handle this problem for you.... 518-577-2366