But it said it was flush-able!

Often times more often then not I find myself going to calls where people flush products that should not be put into their plumbing system. This is largely due to companies stating on their packaging that their products can be flushed, and yes, while true... Should they be flushed? In the end of the day you can flush concrete into your pipes also but obviously we know better then to do that I hope.

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Truth be told us plumbers love the business you provide by flushing random things but I am here to help you avoid these mistakes to save you aggravation. No.... If it isn't toilet paper or bodily waste you should probably not be flushing it. Tampons, Baby wipes, paper towels, are some of the top reasons I am called to a site for clogs. The problem is they were not created to break down in water quite like toilet paper and often get stuck on the side walls of your pipe creating a stoppage.

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Don't say I didnt warn ya!

Well folks, there you have it. A thrilling article on what not to put down your pooper (Smiles). However if you find that you did, just remember Drain-O-Matic Plumbing and Drain Cleaning in Albany NY 518-577-2366 is a great plumbing and Drain Cleaning service in the capital district and surrounding area and we are here to help if the need should arise. Thank you for your time and I hope I was able to help educate you a little. -Dan W

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